Detox Update

It’s now 2 weeks since I first turned on Spooky2.  I’m still running the initial 11 day detox because I keep having to pause it.

The first pause I wrote about in the previous post was after 24 hours.  I turned it on again after 24 hours and then the computer restarted the next day (I’d forgotten to disconnect it from the internet).  So the whole program restarted.

On Tuesday ( 5 days ago) my heart suddenly took off – racing and leaping all over the place.  Took me an hour or so to work out it was Spooky.  Paused it and within an hour things had calmed down.  Left it off til the Wed evening.

Paused it again on Friday when I had weird sensations down my left arm, and again about an hour ago.  Both these times it was on a kidney detox.

When I finally get to the end of the 11 days I can’t decide whether to run it again, or try the Lyme detox.

Meanwhile, 9 days ago (Friday evening) I ran the biofeedback scan.  Sounds really innocent – wire yourself up, lie down with some relaxing music and chill for an hour.  I haven’t tried to interpret the results yet, but goodness was I feeling bad all night – tossed and turned feeling horrid.

Slow and steady seems to be the approach I’m going to have to take.