Diagnosis By Newsagent

19 Jan 1014

I have just received this text from a contact who has specifically asked that I point out that the hospitals involved (whose names I have removed) are two of London’s leading teaching hospitals.

This person has been given a diagnosis of CFS by her GP but firmly believes that they have endocrine problems as their thyroid results are, by the admission of these hospitals, unusual.  However the hospitals refuse to give a diagnosis.

One leading endocrine clinician told this contact that the results were not what you would generally expect to see but when asked what these unusual results meant my contact was told by the clinician “I don’t know”.  When asked where my contact should go to find out what the results indicate they were told that it was for my contact to “do your own research and find the correct person or hospital for yourself.  It’s not for me to help you with that“.

A senior registrar at the same hospital, at a later appointment, confided that he would like to “share his honest opinions” about the unusual lab results but said that he couldn’t because  he would be “in big trouble” with his leading clinician, his colleagues and the hospital.

My newsagent today said I looked terrible, that my face had changed and I looked very tired and awful.  He asked me if I’d just got up?  I said I got up hours earlier, but was exhausted all week and still felt tired.

It’s incredible that my local newsagent knows something’s wrong… but the GPs’ the A&E doctor, the XXXX hospital endos and XYXY hospital endos don’t.  Perhaps I should be consulting my newsagent instead?

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