Dr Jess Armine UK Clinics

Dr Armine has helped me more than I can tell you. He may be able to help you if:
* You have been diagnosed with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia
* You have difficult to treat endocrine problems
* You have, or believe you may have, Lyme Disease and/or co-infections
* You have an undiagnosed illness that has been dismissed by your doctor
* You have chronic gut problems
* You have been diagnosed with MS or Parkinsons
* You have Genetic polymorphisms, methylation, MTHFR issues
* Your child is unwell and you don’t know why
If you’d like more details of his clinics please fill in this contact form or telephone me, Carol Smith, on 01531 660440.

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Dr Armine’s October 2017 UK Clinic

We are hoping Dr Armine will return to the UK in Sept/Oct 2017.

Currently we are hoping that he will be running his clinic in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

He also plans to offer practitioner training in association with Elizma Lambert from Brisbane in Australia and Anne Pemberton from Leeds.

Please note Dr Armine is an alternative practitioner. He cannot prescribe antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs. He uses alternative protocols including herbal supplements, vitamin and mineral supplements and other supplements. He will not be offering chiropractic in the UK. I am self-employed and he pays me a fee to arrange these clinics.

Need Accommodation?

If you are travelling a distance to attend one of Dr Armine’s clinics you might want to book an overnight stay.



I am not employed by Dr Armine – I am self-employed and he pays me commission to set up his UK clinics and book in the patients.  I am his UK facilitator only.

I am not responsible for his clinical decisions or any other of his actions.

I am not responsible for how his follow-up Skype appointments for UK patients are booked.

I am happy to help anyone who wants to contact me and I always will be.  However, I do this on the basis that I am a fellow patient.  I am not a practitioner of any kind and have no training of any kind relevant to the work he does.

I have never, and will never, told anyone anywhere that he (or anyone else) will cure them.  My hope is that he can offer relief or improvement or help as he has done for me.

I have never said, nor do I or he believe, that he can help everyone.  No practitioner can do that.

If I have recommended him to you it is just that – a recommendation – not a promise of any kind.

I am a fellow patient.  I met him because, like most of you, I am not well.

About Dr Armine

Dr. Jess P. Armine holds licenses as a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Registered Nurse. He is trained in Chiropractic, Methylation, Genetic Research, Neuro-Endo-Immunology, Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Manipulation, and Nutritional Counselling. He has been a health care provider for over 38 years.

Via his experience and eclectic training, he has a broad based knowledge of traditional and alternative/complementary health care. He has treated many clients with Chronic Illnesses, Multiple Chemical Sensivities, MTHFR issues, PANDAS, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Gastrointestinal Imbalances (Leaky Gut), Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and more!

Dr. Armine is also a R.N. with extensive experience in Emergency and Critical Care.

Dr. Jess has published several papers in peer- reviewed scientific journals. In Addition, Dr. Jess Armine has created treatment guidelines for Independence Blue Cross’ restorative therapy unit and held Diplomats in Forensic Examination and Forensic Medicine from the American College of Forensic Examiners and is a Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners International.

Dr. Armine is one of the few specialists in the United States specializing in correlating the Genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) with Neuro-Endo-Immunology, Acquired Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Cell Wall Integrity to identify hidden imbalances and he develops INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plans specific to the history and physiology of the individual patient. Dr. Armine constantly researches about the latest findings in genetics and functional medicine.

Dr. Armine’s passion is to discover and eradicate the root cause and subsequent effects of chronic illnesses in adults and children as well as to educate and empower patients and practitioners alike.

Dr. Armine is the co-discoverer of Bio-Individualized Medicine ™.

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