First Use

My Spooky arrived on Friday – 20th October.  Ten days after I ordered it.

There’s a lot to take in so on Sunday I connected it up for the first time, following the instructions in this video

I started, as they suggest in the video, by running a detox program on remote that is meant to run for 11 days.

This thing is powerful – I started running it around 5pm on Sunday evening.  I was feeling a little weird this morning, but that wasn’t a surprise as I’m recovering from a virus.  This afternoon (Monday) I went out for a couple of hours and was fine while I was out.  As soon as I came into my living room I started feeling weird again.  Turned off Spooky and within around 10 mins was ok again.

I wasn’t expecting to react to a detox program, so it looks as if I’m going to have to take it slowly.

I’m planning to leave it for 48 hours, then run again without the Spooky boost attached.

Then I’ll look into some virus killing stuff.  Might start with Lyme, or might look at EBV.