On this page we are going to collate references to thyroid/adrenal/auto-immune stuff that have been written about in newspapers and diagnosed by main stream doctors.  We don’t believe that the medical profession doesn’t know the symptoms and problems that these diseases cause and therefore we believe that they should be able to diagnose them correctly.

Low T3 Syndrome, not depression  Cold hands and feet, don’t feel well?

BMJ article on testing in the presence of low TSH

Ill and Feinting for 20 years.  Why? – This man had unexplained feinting episodes and pain for 20 years.  No doctor thought to check his thyroid.  Why not?  A friend finally gave him the clue he needed.

Grandmother Suffers from Flu for 16 years because of Defective Thyroid

My Underactive Thyroid was Slowly Killing Me

Are Your Adrenal Glands Causing Your High Blood Pressure? – thyroid and adrenal problems are linked.  If you have high blood pressure when really it should be low, is this the cause for you?

Thyroxine Can Help Tiredness  A Daily Mail article so, for sensationalism, they say that thyroxine is a “controversial pill”.

Mother of Three Diagnosed with ME and Bed Bound – When her thyroid was correctly treated she improved.

New studies find causes of fibromyalgia, offer hope of relief – Do you have fibromyalgia.  It isn’t a disease in its own right – its a symptom.  You need to address the underlying cause(s).

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