If you know, or believe, that you have Lyme Disease, this book is commonly recommended.
If you have thyroid problems as part of you chronic issues, I highly recommend both of the following books (I have them both).


Treating Lyme Disease
There are several protocols for treating Lyme and or co-infections. The one that I am on is the core biocidal blast, recommended by Dr Jess Armine from the Center for BioIndividualized Medicine in Philadelphia (

This comprises of 3 elements. Colloidal silver, Biocidin (the Bio Botanical Research version) and Artemisia (Allergy Research Group). I take 3 teaspoons a day of the colloidal silver, 5 drops three times daily of the Biocidin and 2 tablets of the Artemisia. If you follow this protocol, I was recommended to start each product at the lowest level and to add in each new product two weeks apart. If you react, stop taking the supplement you reacted to until the reaction has past, then try again.

Other products that might help with Lyme. Please do your own research.

Treating Your Thyroid
I strongly recommend you consult your GP or other practitioner before treating your thyroid.

For my thyroid I take a mixture of thyroxine (prescribed by my GP) and Nutri Thyroid. ┬áNutri Thyroid is a supplement and you do not need a prescription for it. ┬áIt is a weaker form of NDT (natural dessicated thyroid). Some people take iodine as part of their thyroid care regime – if you decide to use iodine please make sure to read about it and take appropriate amounts.

A good thyroid support formula can also be beneficial. I used to take ThyroComplex and for me it was very helpful. Once I started treating my Lyme Disease I was able to stop taking it.

Vitamins and Minerals
It is very common for people with Lyme Disease and/or co-infections and/or endocrine problems to be deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals. Your GP can test you and your results should be well in range, not just bottom of the range.

Oral sprays can be helpful if you have gut issues that mean you do not absorb nutrients properly.

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